About Rob


Rob Reece landed his first role in a film in 1969, shortly after he returned from serving in Vietnam as a US Marine. Determined to pursue a career in acting, Rob studied full time and worked in television and film with directors such as John Sturges, Stanley Kramer, Clint Eastwood, and Jonathan Demme. In 1977 Rob became a lifetime member of The Actors Studio as well as an associate teacher for Eric Morris, author of No Acting Please. In 1980 Rob relocated to San Francisco where he acted, directed theatre, consulted on feature films, coached actors, and taught both acting and directing until returning to Los Angeles in 2003. In June 2012 Rob completed a three-year assignment in India as Head of the Acting Department at Whistling Woods International Film Institute in Mumbai’s renowned Film City where he introduced Method Acting to Bollywood in a custom curriculum he developed specifically for the school. Rob’s approach to Method Acting encompasses in-depth process work, exposure to specific craft tools, techniques for stimulating behavior and emotional life for a character, and script analysis. Working with students of all levels, Rob also trains directors to work with actors and teaches non-actors techniques for stage fright and public speaking.